When is Points Plus Rewards from Rowmark closing?
October 15, 2020.

What do I need to do to earn Miles/Points?
You can earn Miles/Points on qualifying purchases with participating partners until October 14, 2020. Your transactions will be automatically processed at the end of the month and posted to your account.

I just made a purchase with a participating partner, will I earn Miles/Points on that transaction?
Any purchases made up to and including October 14, 2020 will automatically be included and you will earn Miles/Points in your chosen reward program currency.

NOTE: Miles/Points are processed on a monthly basis. Please allow an additional 30 days for the Points to appear in your reward account. (Miles/Points for the travel and hotel programs may take longer.) Transaction totals that apply for Miles/Points may not be exact to your invoice. Taxes and delivery fees do not apply and there may be other minimal items that may not apply.

Do my Miles/Points expire?
Points Plus Members: You have until November 30, 2020 to redeem any unused points. Points will expire on December 1, 2020. Visit the redeem page for a list of available items.
Travel Rewards Collectors:  All Points/Miles earned through to October 14, 2020 will be deposited into your selected travel reward currency account.

How do I keep track of my Miles/Points?
You can find your transaction details by checking your program account. If you have opted to earn Points Plus Reward Points you will see your current account balance there too. However, to find the Miles/Points balance for the travel reward currencies (e.g. American Airlines AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, etc.), you will have to visit the respective program website. Your monthly email statements also show how much you’ve earned.

How many Miles/Points do I need to redeem?
For Points Plus Reward Points, we have many different items to choose from and each has a different point value. Visit the Redeem page for more information. If you collect a travel currency, each program has different redemption levels. Please visit the respective program website to find out how to redeem.

Still have questions?
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