How do I join Points Plus Rewards from Rowmark?
It’s easy. Simply register for the program. It’s free! – Join

What do I need to do to earn Miles/Points?
Once you’ve selected the currency (which is done when you Join the program), you will earn Miles/Points on qualifying purchases with participating partners. Your transactions will be automatically processed at the end of each month and posted to your account. For more information visit our Earn page.

I just made a purchase with a participating partner, then signed up for the program. Will I earn Miles/Points on that transaction?
Any purchases made in the month you join will automatically be included and you will earn Miles/Points in your chosen reward program currency.

NOTE: Miles/Points are processed on a monthly basis. Please allow an additional 30 days for the Points to appear in your reward account. (Miles/Points for the travel and hotel programs may take longer.) Our goal is to help you get as many Miles/Points as possible but transaction totals that apply for Miles/Points may not be exact to your invoice. Taxes and delivery fees do not apply and there may be other minimal items that may not apply.

What's the difference between the Points Plus Rewards from Rowmark Program and Points Plus Reward Points?
When you join Points Plus Rewards from Rowmark you are registering with us to earn Miles/Points in a chosen reward program (e.g. Points Plus Reward Points, American Airlines AAdvantage, etc.). Points Plus Reward Points is our in-house currency. If you select this program as your chosen reward currency, you will be able to redeem the Points earned for marketing tools and charitable donations, as well as gift cards and merchandise. Please visit the redeem page for a list of available items.

How do I keep track of my Miles/Points?
You can see the Miles/Points you’ve received through your participation in Points Plus Rewards from Rowmark by logging into your program account. If you have opted to earn Points Plus Reward Points you can see your current account balance here too. However, to find the Miles/Points balance for any other reward currency (e.g. American Airlines AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, etc.), you will have to visit the respective program website.

How many Miles/Points do I need to redeem?
It depends on the reward program currency you are collecting. Each program has different redemption levels. Please visit the respective program website to find out how to redeem. For Points Plus Reward Points, we have many different items to choose from, and each item has a different point value. Visit the Redeem page to see where you can use your Miles/Points.

What are Bonus Offers?
We will promote bonus offers periodically to help you accelerate your Miles/Points balance. During these events, you will be notified by email and on the bonus offer page on how to take advantage of the offers.

Why isn’t my favorite airline program listed as a reward option?
Unfortunately not all airline programs are available for inclusion in our program. However, our Points Plus Reward Points can be used toward pre-paid debit cards and other airline cards, which can be used toward the purchase of your next flight.

If I choose to leave the Points Plus network, will I still receive my rewards?
You’ve earned your rewards, and they are yours to keep. If no activity is recorded in your Account for 24 months, we may terminate your enrollment and/or cancel your Points and Rewards. If a Point or Reward expires or is cancelled for any reason, it becomes void without compensation. Check the Terms and Conditions for details.

Can I give points I’ve earned as gifts?
No, points belong to the registered owner of the account and cannot be transferred. The large selection of popular gift cards and many of the merchandise options make great gifts! Check the Redeem page to see where you can use your Points.

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